Hi moms and dads! Hey babies!

Parenthood can be testing, but can be oh so rewarding too. Why not spend it smiling, both you and baby?
Grab one of our teething biscuits to help your baby ease their aching gums, or some rice cakes to fill their hungry tummy.

Good, healthy snacking

GMO free

Gluten free


Dissolves easily*

No mess


*Teething biscuits only

The story behind hey baby!

Hey Baby! Products are carefully sourced from all over the world and imported to South Africa.

Our rice cakes and teething biscuits are GMO-free, gluten-free and our teething biscuits come in handy BPA-free packaging, easy to grab and run. Easy on tummies, little hands and mouth. Products are available in all major retailers and we are working on developing even more healthy snacks for you and your family.

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